The Sankofa Book Club...

We are a digital book club with a focus on African literature. Every month we read a book written by an author of African descent. Discussions on the story and its themes take place on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. We have an accompanying podcast hosted by founders of The Sankofa Book Club, Melody Obeng and Akua A Boateng.

Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol (an awesome collection of symbols from the Akan tradition in Ghana, google it). The term “sankofa” translates from Twi as “return and get it”, symbolising the importance of learning from your past.

We want YOU to return and get it. Our aim is to encourage people of all backgrounds to get talking about African literature, African history and African culture. You don’t have to be an expert but you must show some love for the continent.
Sounds good? Well then what are you waiting for? Get involved!
Our Team

Melody Obeng


Melody is a young adult who has spent her years pursuing her interest for science at Manchester. Born and raised in South London, she will soon return to explore her desire to learn more of her roots. Besides eating, Melody is also passionate about living life and laughing.


Akua A Boateng


Akua is a twenty something year old from South London. At the age of thirteen, she relocated to Ghana with her family and returned to the UK five years later, with a newfound love for her culture. Her other passions include waakye, jet-setting and live music.


Sam Dwamena-Mante


Sam was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. Despite her wild sense of humour she’s a serious girl; Sam recently completed her Masters degree at Carleton and is pursuing a career in International Relations. She loves music, literature and is an avid Chelsea fan.

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